I am a professional photographer/artist,

currently based in Columbus, OH.  I took up photography over 30 years ago, as a means of capturing all the crazy things going on around me on my motorcycle adventures.  As my skills improved, I was able to start selling my work to various motorcycle magazines.

   30 years later, I'm an award winning artist, participating in juried shows and solo exhibitions across the country.

   I'm still riding around the country shooting pictures, although now, my images are less about the motorcycle culture, and  more about the natural beauty and interesting people I encounter along the way.  The majority of my work these days includes landscapes, urban and rural decay, horses, and documenting the artists that I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by.

   I do occasionally agree to shoot commercial projects, weddings, and portraits on a very limited basis.

I hope you enjoy!


                                   Ralph Corriveau

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